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Lustful Hair Swiss Lace with Silk Top Lustful Hair Swiss Lace with Silk Top


Silk Top Closure

Every strand of hair is skillfully tied by hand onto a layer of silk material over Swiss lace.  The silk layer gives the appearance of a natural scalp. This way, no matter where your tracks lay underneath the closure, you will be able to part your hair anywhere without exposing the tracks underneath. These closures are a little thicker and sturdier due to the double layering of the silk over the lace. Resulting in a very natural, effortless, and beautiful look.  

• 100% Virgin human hair
• Unprocessed Human Hair
• No synthetic mix
• Hand-tied onto Swiss lace
• With baby hairs surrounding the hair-line
• Measures 3 by 5 inches
• Free-styled – Can be parted any way!
• Cuticles all facing same direction
• Does not Tangle or Matt
• Can be Curled
• Can be Colored

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