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Lustful Hair Swiss Lace Lustful Hair Swiss Lace


Swiss Lace Closure

Every strand of hair is skillfully tied by hand onto a delicate Swiss lace. The closure is free-styled so you are able to part your hair any which way you would like. The best thing about Swiss Lace closures is that your scalp can breathe through every miniature hole of the closure.  Resulting in a very natural, light-weight, airy, and beautiful look.  

• 100% Virgin human hair
• Unprocessed Human Hair
• No synthetic mix
• Hand-tied onto Swiss lace
• With baby hairs surrounding the hair-line
• Measures 3 by 5 inches
• Free-styled – Can be parted any way!
• Cuticles all facing same direction
• Does not Tangle or Matt
• Can be Curled
• Can be Colored

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