Lustful Hair Products

Lustful Hair Produces a custom made product. We buy the best pure, raw, natural, unprocessed human hair from around the globe. Human hair that is healthy, strong, resilient and free from harsh chemicals like bleach, coloring dyes, and perms. We believe in quality not quantity, thus specializing in the best human hair for weaves and closures:

Wefted Hair:

We have a variety of textures ranging from natural straight, wavy, and natural curly.  We blend each raw bundle of hair by hand and machine weft in house. Our wefts are the best in the industry: A thin, tight weft that is triple reinforced to ensure longevity and a shed free weft.

Natural Straight Hair Extensions for Lustful Hair in Corona, CA Natural Wavy Hair Extensions for Lustful Hair in Los Angeles, CA Natural Curly Hair Extensions for Lustful Hair in Riverside, CA


Every closure is a skillful work of art, as every strand of hair is tied by hand onto a delicate piece of Swiss lace.  The hair strands are attached in such a way that when attached to your scalp, can be parted any which way you would like.  Baby hairs surround the front of the closure, making it look as if they are growing directly from your own scalp.  All of our closures are lusciously full and come in a variety of wave patterns.

Swiss Lace Closures from Lustful Hair, Los Angeles, CA Swiss Lace with Silky Top Closures from Lustful Hair, Riverside, CA

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